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With the highest quality and most modern cutting system Neumann VMS 82 we produce DMM Mastercuts from supplied master wave files.

The supplied master WAVE FILES should be premastred for vinyl production. For data transfer we recommend a online-tranfer-service (e.g. That’s how it works:

  • Wave-Files

    Wave-Files mastered for vinyl production

    Spezifikationen Vinylmaster:
    – mastered on +/- odB
    – no heights above 16 kHz
    – deep cut at 10Hz
    – deeps less 300 Hz in mono
    – no phasings or negative phaseturns, stereo image between +0.5 and +1

  • Labelcopy / Tracklisting

    Please mention on each wave files the later position on the record (A1, A2, B1, B2…)


    send us one wave file per side incl. timesheet with all start and end ID-times.

  • Send to

    Pleace place all wave files into a folder labeled with the catalog number and send it us by an online-transfer-service (e.g. to the email: along with your order.

Standard production time are 2-3 days for cutting process and 2 days for the galvano processing. Due to our location near to Cologne/Bonn Airport, we can reach all destinations worldwide with our logistics partner UPS in the shortest possible time.

DMM Vinyl Überspielung
Fonotec DMM Georg Neumann GmbH
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And if you have a really fast order, please use our speed-service.

DMM technology and the quality differences to lacquer cutting

The DMM cutting technology was developed by Teldec in cooperation of the cutting equipment manufacturer Georg Neumann GmbH. In 2004 we were able to take over this production branch of OK Media (formerly Teldec) and refine it in our company.

Learn more about the quality analysis between DMM technology and lacquer cutting.